the Life of Lo

Like so many others, I have collected a number of scars in my life. Each one of them tells a story so infinitely bad ass, that you might never look at me the same again.

  • Lower Lip (Age 3) — Tried to shave like dad.
  • Chin and Left Cheek (Age 4) — Face-planted on asphalt.
  • Right Thumb (Age 5) — Tried to pour my own orange juice, broke the glass.
  • Left Eyebrow (Age 10) — Got hit in the head with a tree branch — required 8 stitches.
  • Right Palm (Age 14) — Cut myself on a Chef Boyardee Ravioli can.
  • Lower Abdomen (Age 19) — My appendix tried to kill me.
  • Right Pinkie (Age 22) — Tried to cut zucchini with a mandolin slicer. Cut myself instead.
  • Mid Abdomen (Age 24) — My gallbladder decided we weren’t friends anymore.

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